Women (and men) often turn to hair color to change their appearance. Some do so to hide gray hair while others simply want a change from the color they were born with. Regardless of why a person wishes to take this step, it’s best to look into hair dyes that don’t contain chemicals. More companies now offer this option as they recognize people want to color their hair without harming their health or the planet in the process.

Why Chemical-Free Products?

Hair dyes often contain chemicals that a person might be allergic to, leading to a reaction that may be mild or severe. In addition, the chemicals found in these products tend to be harmful to the planet, and the items used during the coloring process end up in the landfill where they could remain for years, decades, or longer. Men and women eliminate these concerns when they use chemical-free hair dyes, such as Chemical Trouble Free hair coloring, because these products are both safe and gentle.

Advances in Hair Dyes

Speak to your grandmother and you may be horrified at products used for hair coloring just a few decades ago. Your mom may have used some of these same products as well. Fortunately, the FDA updated the regulations regarding the products and they are much safer than they were in the past. Women and men use these dyes with confidence knowing that there is little chance they will suffer long-term, serious health problems with their use.

Reported Side Effects with Conventional Hair Dyes

A scientific study conducted in 2013 found that chemical hair dye often comes with undesirable side effects. Some users suffer from itching, redness, hair loss or breakage, irritation of the eyes, and headaches following the use of a chemical hair dye. Some side effects resolve within 24 hours, but others last longer, including hair loss or breakage. Chemical-free hair dye doesn’t come with these issues.

What Chemical-Free Hair Dyes May and May Not Do

Users find they may lighten or darken the hair with the help of these products. Cover grays using the hair color or add vibrancy. However, be aware that the results tend to be less dramatic than when chemical-based products are purchased. Additionally, the hair needs to be colored more frequently as they wear off with time.

Why Choose Chemical Trouble Free Hair Coloring?

Women in Japan love Chemical Trouble Free or CTF hair coloring and now men and women across the globe are choosing this option as opposed to conventional hair dyes. The patented hair color brand is formulated using green tea and contains no peroxide, ammonia, or chemicals.

Individuals who suffer from sensitive skin find they can use this product without worry, and those who have damaged hair can choose to have their locks dyed without worry of additional harm being inflicted. Men and women who are health conscious, and ladies who are pregnant or lactating turn to this product rather than conventional dyes to protect their health and that of their baby.

Chemical Trouble Free hair coloring comes with no environmental hormones that are harmful. The gold colloid found in this product serves as an antioxidant, a well-known substance in the anti-aging industry, and the color doesn’t produce an unappealing odor. Even the dullest hair looks shiny and lustrous when the CTF color is used.

Anyone hesitant to dye their hair should reconsider. CTF hair coloring removes those issues that quite a few express concern over when talking about conventional dyes. It’s time to take a second look at your options, as this one might be ideal for you.