Kaz Salon is a state of the art hair salon located in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

We have a staff of internationally recognized hairstylists who are here to provide each client the highest quality experience in a supportive and laid atmosphere.

CTF Color+Frizzy Hair Straightening Service:

This is the cosmetic industry’s first patented combined hair color and hair straightener, being used exclusively in the USA at our salon.

This service can be done concurrently at your salon visit. It improves hair and scalp issues. It’s amino acid based ingredients brings luster and softness back to your hair.


Hair Cutting

Women .. Stylist-Master Stylist
$90 – $150
Men .. Stylist-Senior
$60 – $80
Our expert haircutters will offer you a comprehensive consultation based on your facial features. This service includes a massaging shampoo, styling lesson and product recommendations.
Depending on the stylist.
Barbering .. $90
Exceptional barbering experience with Fred. This service includes a specialized consultation, styling lesson, hot towel treatment and warm lather neck shave.


Blow dry . . . . . $60 – $80
Up do . . . . . $125

Hair Coloring

Single process . . . . . $90 – $140
Double process . . . . . $300+
Face framing highlight . . . . . $175
Partial highlight . . . . . $175+
Full head highlight . . . . . $250+
Balayage . . . . . $250+
Gloss . . . . . $70+
Corrective color . . . . . Consultation


Perm . . . . . $200+
Digital perm . . . . . $300+

Hair Treatments

Lasio Keratin Treatment . . . $250+
Milbon . . . $55
Olaplex . . . $60
Head spa (30 min) . . . $60
Head spa (15 min) . . . $30
Scalp Massage, Luxury Detox, with Hair Steamer, the Spa Mist

CTF Japanese Matcha Hair Ceremony

Process . . . . . $125
Made of 100% Kyoto Uji green tea.
Patented product.
Rich polyphenols and antioxidants.
Makes hair soft, shiny and with new vigor.
Only available at Kaz Salon.

CTF Hair Coloring

Single process . . . . . $200

Japanese Keratin Treatment

Up to Frizzy Level 2 . . $250 – $350
(Depending hair length)

Formaldehyde-Free and Chemical-Free Substance

Frizzy Straightening

Depending level 1-6 . . . . . $300-$500
Root Touch-Up . . . . . $500

24 hour appointment cancellation is required

Discover the ultimate salon experience with our new special services. From chemical trouble free hair coloring to Japanese frizzy straightening, our team of skilled stylists are dedicated to providing you with a hair transformation that exceeds your expectations.

Special Services

Frizzy Straightening

Kaz Salon offers the “Frizzy Straightening” for those who are concerned about their curly hair. This is an internationally patented hair straightening treatment that is only available at our salon in the United States. We provide high-quality Japanese products and techniques in New York. Frizzy Straightening is the world’s first international patent-pending hair straightening treatment that was born from customer feedback. Unlike traditional straightening treatments that simply straighten curly hair, we customize the treatment and use special products based on each customer’s hair texture, strength, and type of curls. The main ingredient is a high concentration of treatment that repairs damaged hair. During the consultation, we assess the strength of your hair’s curls, type, and texture on our proprietary Frizzy Hair level Scale®. As professionals, we understand that curls differ in various parts of the hair, and it is not enough to just evaluate the strength of curls. Each customer has unique hair quality and curl patterns. We prepare a personalized hair care product that is suitable for each individual’s hair type and apply it using our haute couture treatment, which is one of the significant features of our hair straightening treatment. Our treatment is different from conventional hair straightening agents and leaves hair smooth, shiny, and damage-free. Our hair straightening treatment offers.

1. Objective assessment of your hair’s condition using the “Frizzy Straightening.“

2. Customization of the treatment and the products used based on the condition of your hair.

3. Individualized treatment that caters of unique hair condition.

4. A high concentration of 100% treatment that use high-quality ingredients.

5. A treatment that revitalize your hair ,making it healthier and shinier.

6. A patented treatment that delivers essential nutrients to the core of your hair.

7. A safe non- damaging treatment.

8. A beauty method that was developed by our salon’s professional.

9. A revolution hair straightening treatment that dispel the belief that hair straightening damage hair.

10. A treatment that restores your hair’s health, leaving it looking naturally straight.



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CTF Color

Chemical Trouble Free hair coloring is a popular patented hair color brand in Japan. It’s green tea based formulation is chemical, ammonia and peroxide free.

It’s perfect for clients with sensitive skin or people with damaged hair. It’s also used extensively in Japan for pregnant, lactating and health conscious women.

This hair color contains no harmful environmental hormones. It is made with gold colloid which is an anti-oxidant which is superior in the anti-aging cosmetic industry. It also has no unpleasant smell. It adds luster and shine to even the dullest hair.



Kiyoshi Asada

Kiyoshi Asada


Global art director for CTF color and Frizzy Straightening.

Kiyo is an internationally recognized hairstylist specializing in many different hair straightening techniques for frizzy and curly hair. This talent, combined with his passion for expert hair cutting, has lead him to be one of the premier hairdressers in both Tokyo and New York City.


Federico Guerriero

Master Hairstylist

Fred started his illustrious career in hairdressing 30 years ago at Headlines on 8th avenue and 21st street in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. Their he perfected his talent at precise men’s barbering, women’s haircutting and custom hair coloring.

In 2007 he moved close by to the well known Anthony Gianzaro Salon. There he built a large following, to the envy of fellow stylist, bringing him to the point where he was able to purchase the salon. He rebranded the salon Avellino in honor the small village in Italy where he was born.

After many years of success, Kaz welcomed Fred with open arms. Here he takes his passion for hairdressing to the next level, supported by his years long relationships with his clients and his calm and kind personality.


Federico Guerriero
Shinpei Ono

Shinpei Ono

Master Hairstylist

Shinpei began his illustrious carrier over twenty years ago at the renowned Tokyo hair salon Twon. After honing his skills he decided to embark on a journey and settle in NYC.

He began his American adventure by receiving employment at Anthony Gianzaro Salon in Chelsea. He started as a stylist and eventually worked his way up to be able to purchase the salon and rebranding it as Avellino.

Shinpei’s specialties include men’s and woman’s haircutting, refined long hair styling and keratin treatment: all which express his gifted talents.

Mio Wantanabe

Hair Stylist

Mio was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where she graduated from Paris School of Cosmetology. After completing her degree she immediately relocated to New York City.

She started her professional American career 12 years ago by accepting a position at Avellino, a well known salon in the Chelsea area of NYC. There she worked her way up from assistant, then stylist and eventually to the coveted position of senior stylist. Mio’s expertise includes precision haircutting, hair coloring and styling curly hair. Mio’s knowledge of the unique facial structure of each customer allows her to offer each client a customized look.

Her passion for hair is only matched by the passion she has in the relationships with her clientele.


Mio Wantanabe
Caitlin Grace

Caitlin Grace

Hair Stylist/Colorist

Caitlin started her hairdressing career in Long Island, where she was born and raised.

In 2011 she relocated to NYC where she accepted a job at Avellino Salon in the Chelsea neighborhood in the city, where she perfected her craft and quick rose the ranks to senior stylist. Her passion for haircutting, combined with her love of haircoloring makes her among the best in the competitive market of NYC.

Caitlin’s clients have deep and meaningful relationships with her, built on their trust in her creativity, judgement on how to make them more beautiful and most importantly Caitlin’s fun loving attitude and warm heart.


Sara Viklund

Hair Stylist /Colorist

Sara Viklund has worked as a professional hairstylist around the world for over a decade.

Born and raised in Sweden, Sara began training in her home country, and was subsequently licensed in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Viklund has worked on multiple shows at New York Fashion Week the past three years. Additionally, she has worked with established publications and celebrities around the world.

Having worked across the globe, Viklund gained expertise in every texture, color, and style of hair. Sara now resides and works in Manhattan. Inspired by the city’s energy and fluidity, Viklund enjoys tailoring each cut and color according to the clients individual style and their texture of hair.

Sara specializes in blond highlights, color and balayage.


Krista Pruent

Krista Pruent

Colorist/ Make up artist

Kiki has a background in fine arts and over 15 years experience as a licensed hair colorist/stylist and makeup artist within the New York beauty industry. She has trained with Toni & Guy, Redken, Linda Mason and Bobbi Brown. She specializes in color correction, highlights and balayage hair painting.


Julius Toussaint


Julius Toussaint, an American Hair Designer and Artist, has been working in the hair and fashion industry for over 32 years. His journey began with razor cutting and pin curling under the great Anthony DeSatos.

In the 80’s Julius Toussaint combined his beauty expertise with editorial print and began working with New York Fashion Week shows.

He has designed hair for Donna Karen, Patrick Kelly, and Nina Athanasiou. Julius’ work can be seen in Vogue, Essence. Both Ebony and Ebony Man has showcased his work also.

Julius uses a very unique approach with his European Hair Cutting

Techniques that he learned when living in England.

Julius is a friendly soul who creates

Special Effects Updos’ also!

Julius Toussaint


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